Monday, August 11, 2008

Check out the WCCO video for August 10

Nicely done video by WCCO's Bill Hudson and his cameraman (I don't know his name as of this writing) Their editing and video taping is superb, capturing the flavor of doing this historic project in the 21st century. Excellent job! 

Although they spelled Catherine's name incorrectly, they also took the opportunity given them to get her in front of the camera where she should be whenever talk is of one of the family doing this walk in 2058 for Minnesota's 200th birthday. It's rather bias to imply only Christopher will do it when Catherine, or perhaps one of the grandchildren down the line, is fully capable. 

Women were along on the Metis ox cart trains in the late 1800s as integral members of the caravans--and just as importantly they're along on Ostby's walk for Minnesota's Sesquicentennial 150th: Amanda Ostby, Catherine Ostby of Gatzke, MN and Jackie Helms of Wannaska, MN began this walk beginning in Pembina, ND on July 1st, 2008 and will see it through to the Minnesota's State Fair in St. Paul, MN, on August 21st, 2008. You go girls!

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