Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Pembina Oxen Trail Dream

This trail he travels with family and friends in tow
and his beloved Pum hitched up to his oxen cart.
What a sight they bring. Years seem to stop to an era of long ago.
Dressed in the attire of the Metis, to honor the people
that traveled the trails of long ago.
A dream he held when he was young
when helping a friend with his dream;
who said 'My friend you can do what I'm doing'
So the dream took hold and he kept it within his soul to follow through.
So today many years later this dream becomes his reality, spurred on by hope
To feel the wind and the sun upon his face
To walk the trails and hear the ghosts of long ago
To honor those who broke the way for furture generations
To hold fast the memories of long ago
and honor those whose lives they changed
Yes, a walk of a lifetime; and memories to hold oh so dear
The Pembina Oxen Trail of long ago
held oh so dear to one who found his dream come true
and feel the struggles and pain of the journeys of the
people of long ago.
Vicki Jean Seim
(Vicki is a cousin of Orlin)

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